President’s Note

col-jamalGreetings and Welcome to Johor Golf Tourism Association official website! Thank you for your interest to learn more about our organisation and golf tourism in Johor, in particular.

Johor Golf Tourism Association (JGTA) is an independent professional member-based association providing support to all the golf fraternities in promoting Johor as the ultimate golf destination and experience. Established in early 2016, JGTA is a non-profit organization which is fully endorsed by the industry players as well as the state. Our mission is to promote golf tourism and unique experience in Johor, and in doing so, to generate sustainable growth not only in the golf tourism but also the entire State’s tourism industry.

JGTA also has the collaborative power to speak as one voice to official tourism and golf bodies on behalf of all members. Our membership is diverse and comprises golf tour operators, golf resorts, golf courses, hotels & resorts, receptive operators, airlines, transport service, F&B operators, and business partners in Johor. JGTA provides a membership forum for the collection, distribution and exchange of essential information relevant to the Johor golf tourism industry and we are the bridge connecting the players to the industry bodies as well as relevant authorities.

JGTA as a medium will enable our Members to speak through the Association with one voice and act with one purpose which is to unify and synergise the golf network to be actively involved in the various aspects of the golf tourism industry as a business and thereby, secure the long-term interest of the golf tourism industry in Johor.

JGTA also wishes to organize the Johor golf industry to set high standards of service, conduct and ethics, guidelines and performance that will help to maintain and raise standards in order to deliver the best possible experience to the visiting golf travelers. To add, JGTA will also coordinate programs and activities to establish and increase a higher level of awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Johor as the ultimate golf destination and experience amongst golf travelers locally as well as internationally. On a bigger picture, these efforts would definitely have a rippling effect on increasing the level of employment in not only the golf industry, but the entire tourism and hospitality industry in Johor – all through the development of golf tourism.

As President of JGTA, I am very pleased to welcome new members to engage with JGTA’s dedicated and committed team and be part of us to drive golf tourism in Johor to greater heights. We look forward to promoting Johor as the ultimate golf destination and experience with everyone’s support.

Join us and let’s soar together to greater heights!

Col. Mohammed Jamal Salleh
Johor Golf Tourism Association